Lyndsey Hatchwell

Painter, sculptor, print maker and Eco Artist.

I would very much like to do something for those affected by the fires here in NSW. I will donate 25% of every work sold to a Charity involved in helping out with the fires, be it animals (such as the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital) or farmers and or whoever resonates with you most. This is devastating for those involved and for humanity as a whole. I will provide you with donation proof and you will have a lovely artwork for yourself or a great Christmas present for someone. 

If you see a work and it is not listed in the shop please contact me as it may still be available.

I am an unapologetically eclectic multidisciplinary artist, never staying in one "box". I paint in acrylic, oils and watercolor, create my printmaking with etchings, collographs and linocuts. My sculpting/assemblages cover a multitude of materials including recycled items, building materials as well as all the standard sculpting mediums. I work across many genres such as portraiture, landscape and still life with my main "muse" being nature.